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Walking Taco

A walking taco is a thing of genius. They’re super easy to make and are always a crowd pleaser at parties, game day, camping, or even when you just need a little pick me up. They’re all the deliciousness of a hard taco in a portable, easy-to-eat form factor. The crunchy corniness of the Fritos, …


Iti place sa asculti muzica oriunde te afli? Iata care sunt principalele motive pentru care sa optezi pentru o boxa portabila!

Muzica reprezinta una dintre cele mai mari placeri ale vietii, avand posibilitatea de a te calma sau de a te inveseli, ori de cate ori este necesar. Daca iti place sa iti asculti muzica favorita, indiferent de locul in care esti, iti poti cumpara o boxa portabila. Aceasta iti ofera o paleta larga de avantaje, …


Green Chile Sauce

Green chile sauce, along with red, are the backbones of New Mexican cuisine. The two flavorful chile sauces are used liberally, smothering and infusing all sorts of New Mexican dishes. If you’ve ever been to New Mexico, you’re familiar with the refrain: red, green or Christmas. They’re asking: red chile, green chile, or both? In …