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Honeynut Squash

Do you like butternut squash but sometimes think it’s a bit too big? If so, super sweet and personal-sized honeynut squash is here to save the day! If you’ve ever seen a what looks like a tiny version of a butternut squash you’re lucky enough to have spotted a honeynut in the wild! Honeynuts are …


Dalgona Candy

You only need 2 ingredients to make the iconic Dalgona candy from Squid Game! I can’t remember the last time I had a birthday party but if I did one right now, it would definitely be a Squid Game themed party, minus the dying. We would compete for the money of course! One of the …


Crispy Rice

I am absolutely in love with crispy rice. It’s beloved around the the world: the saffron yellow socarrat of Spanish paella, the golden crispiness of Persian tahdig, and the best parts of Korean hot stone bowl dolsot bibimbap. Crispy rice has the most aromatic toasty nuttiness and I can’t get enough. Sometimes when I make …