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Smoky Beans & Greens Tacos with Aji Verde

Three cheers for summertime eating! Smoky black beans sautéed with kale and garlic and spices, tucked into charred corn tortillas, and topped with the best feisty, punchy green sauce – Aji Verde! .tasty-recipes-quick-links { text-align:center; } .tasty-recipes-quick-links a { padding: 0.5rem; } These tacos are just one long love letter to FLAVOR. ♡ Smoky chipotle …


How to Cut a Watermelon

Not sure where to start with these red giants? We’re showing you our favorite ways to cut a watermelon – cubes, stars, sticks, and more! Okay, who among us hasn’t lugged one of these delicious juicy, red giants into our kitchens and then thought “Wow, where do I start?” It’s kinda nice to have a …